1.5 Mile Trail Run 

Event Description
On the call of “Go” Partner 1 will run the entire 1.5 mile trail run. Partner 2 will be waiting at the start/finish line. Once partner 1 finishes their run they will tag Partner 2 for Partner 2's 1.5 mile trail run. Once Partner 2 finishes the trail run the event is complete.

The team's score will be the combined time of both of their trail runs.

30 Minute Time Cap

*Tie break time will be the time of Partner 1's time to finish their 1.5 mile trail run. 

*Either partner can go first on the trail run

Important Friday Information:


  • Event 1 will take place Friday, July 7th at the Lake Minnewashta Regional Park.
  • Lake Minnewashta Regional Park:
    6900 Hazeltine Blvd., Chanhassen, MN 55331
    Located off of TH 41 west of Chanhassen between TH 5 and TH 7.
  • When you pull into the park, let the park attendant know that you are participating in the SISU Summer Throwdown and they will give you a temporary parking permit.
  • Take a left after the attendant gate and head towards the Prairie Loop Trail (See the park map). There will be a volunteer directing parking and traffic when you get down to the trail.
  • Please carpool! We have a limited amount of spots and want to make sure we don’t over fill the lot.
  • Wear shoes that you are comfortable getting dirty. The trail will likely be muddy due to the rain from the past few days.
  • Registration starts at 4:00 pm and the first heat will start at 5:30 pm.
  • We’ve rented Shelter 5. There are bathrooms available but limited access to water. Bring a water bottle and whatever you think you will need to eat or drink plan on bringing it with.
  • Bring some bug spray!



12 Double KB Deadlifts

9 Double KB Russian Swings

6 Double KB Clean and Jerks

Rx: 24kg/16kg, Scaled: 16kg/12kg 

Event Description
On the call of “Go” Partner 1 will start on their full round of 12 double KB deadlifts, 9 double KB Russian Swings, and 6 double KB Clean and Jerks. That partner must complete the entire round before Partner 2 will start their full round. Partners will then alternate full rounds back and forth the entire 11 minutes.

Movement Standards
Double KB Deadlift
- Kettlebells must start and finish on the outside of the athlete's legs.
- At the top of the rep, the athlete must stand tall with their knees, hips and shoulders at full extension.

Double KB Russian Swing
- The KBs must go between the athlete's legs on each repetition
- The rep will be complete when the athletes hands pass the height of their collarbones.
- Must show full extension of the hips and knees at the top of the repetition

Double KB Clean and Jerk
- The kettlebells must be between the athlete's legs. Clean and jerks attempted from the outside of the legs will be no reps
- Either a swing, or from the ground will be accepted.
- The kettlebells must stop at the shoulder -- you cannot double snatch the KBs
- The athlete must show a full lockout at the top with the arms in line with the body. Any reps locked out in front of the body will be no reps.

Other Notes
- The Kettlebells may not be dropped from overhead. If the KBs are dropped from overhead it will be a no rep.

- After the final Russian Swing the KBs must be brought back down into the swing position or back to the floor to begin the first rep of the clean and jerk.


2 Rounds for time, one person working at a time

40 Cal Row

40 Power Snatch 115/75, 75/55

40 Alternating Pistol Squats, Goblet Squats 24/16

40 Burpee Box Jump Overs 20”

Event Description
At the start of the event, one of the partner's may be strapped into the rower. On the call of “Go”, the partner may begin rowing. After the monitor reads 40 calories, the team may begin their snatches. After the 40 repetitions of snatches, the partners will then move to the pistol squats or the goblet squats. Once finished they will move to the box for their 40 burpee box jump overs. After their final burpee box jump over, the team may begin their second round of the workout.

15 Minute Time Cap
*If not completed in the 15 minute cap, teams will be assessed a 1 second penalty for each repetition not completed.
* Tie break time after the first round is complete.

Movement standards
- Either a muscle snatch or a power snatch will be allowed. The athlete must have the bar fully locked out overhead with the arms in line with the body and the hips and knees fully extended.
- The bar cannot be dropped from overhead. If the bar is dropped from overhead, it will be a no-rep

Pistol Squat
- The heel of the opposite foot may not touch the ground at any time during the squat
- The hands, arms or elbows may not touch the ground at any time during the squat
- Hip crease must pass below the knee and stand tall with control at full extension- Legs must be alternated each rep. If there is a no rep, it must be completed again on that same leg.

Goblet Squat
- Athlete must hold the KB in the frontal plane of their body
- The hip crease must pass below the knee and the athlete must have full extension of the hips and knees at the top of the rep. They must stand tall at the top.

Burpee Box Jump
- Athletes must face perpendicular to the box during the burpee. The chest and thighs must make contact with the ground at the bottom of the rep
- For the Rx divisions, the athlete must perform a two foot jump facing the box. They may step down or jump down from the top of the box.
- For the Scaled division, athletes may either step up or jump up on the box.

Other Notes
*During the transition period from burpee box jump overs to rowing, one partner may strap into the rower while the other finishes the round but may not start rowing until the 40 reps are completed.


Partner 1 goes, then Partner 2 goes
20/15 Cal Assault Bike
Thrusters 135/95
Bar Muscle-ups
20/15 Cal Assault Bike

20/15 Cal Assault Bike
Thrusters 95/65
20/15 Cal Assault Bike

Event Description
At the start of the event Partner 1 will begin off of the assault bike. On the call of “Go” they will get onto the bike and begin their 20/15 calories. Only after the monitor reads 20/15 may they proceed to the bar for their thrusters. After the middle portion of the workout is complete, they will move back to the bike for another 20 calories. The judge will then reset the monitor and Partner 2 will being their portion of the workout.

Movement Standards
- Must be in the front rack position and go into a full squat with the hip crease below the knee
- Full lockout at the top with the arms behind the ears and the hips and knees at full extension- Cannot do a thrus-a-jerk -- the thruster is a front squat push press.

Bar Muscle-up
- Must be a full lockout at the top of the movement with the shoulders on top or in front of the bar.
- The feet cannot pass above the bar in the kipping swing

- Any type of pull-up is OK -- chin must be above the bar at the top of the rep and the arms must reach full extension at the bottom.

Other Notes
* The bike monitor needs to be reset each time the athlete starts a new set. * Either Partner may begin the workout